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Jeep cries wolf

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Jeep cries wolf

On 2007 Jeep Compass vehicles that have had a Mopar Remote Start installation kit installed by a dealer, the customer may experience one or more of the following conditions:

  • An intermittent operation of the RKE system. At times, the RKE system may not function as designed. This may include intermittent operation of the lock/unlock mode, remote start mode or panic mode. The vehicle may be operated manually without issue using the ignition key to open or lock the door and to start the engine.
  • On Ram truck and Durango/Aspen vehicles, the vehicle alarm may sound when the RKE system is activated by the key FOB. Deactivation of the vehicle alarm occurs when the engine is started using the ignition switch and key.

The same issue may exist with the following vehicles:

2007 Ram truck (DR/DH/D1/DC)

2007 Durango/Aspen (HB/HG)

2007 Wrangler (JK)

2007 Sebring Convertible (JS27)

2007 Sebring (JS)

2007-2008 Avenger (JS)

2007 Nitro (KA)

2007 Compass (MK49)

2007 Caliber (PM)

Install the Mopar Remote Start Service Repair Kit to correct the condition.

P/N                                 SERVICE REPAIR KIT

68035610AA……………DR/DH/D1/DC – HB/HG


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