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Slow to fill Super Duty

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Slow to fill Super Duty

Some 2005-2012 Ford Super Duty F-250 and F-350 vehicles equipped with the 5.4L 3V, 6.2L or 6.8L 3V engine may experience premature automatic shut off of the fuel nozzle. This may include box-delete vehicles that have been upfitted with aftermarket utility bodies or vehicles that are operated in muddy or dusty environments and may encounter a dirt-clogged carbon canister system.

Inspect the canister system. If the canister system is not dirt clogged, proceed with normal diagnostics and do not proceed with this procedure.

If the canister system is not dirt clogged and the vehicle is a box delete, then replace the filler pipe. The new filler pipe should only be used for box-delete vehicles that are exhibiting slow fill issues due to the aftermarket routing of the filler pipe with the upfitters’s box. The new filler pipe kit provides additional design measures to improve the ability to fill the tank.

If the carbon canister system is clogged, replace the carbon canister assembly.

Relocate the fresh air intake port to a more-protected location using a new fresh air hose kit. Replace the fuel cap assembly.

Vent kit……………………....……..….9C3Z-9049-A

Canister (pickup 2005-2007)………..6C3Z-9D653-F

Canister (pickup 2008-2012)………..9C3Z-9D653-C

Fuel cap assembly (2005-2010)…….8C3Z-9030-A

Fuel cap assembly (2011-2012)…….AC3Z-9030-A

Filler pipe (box delete 2005-2010)….8C3Z-9B149-L

Filler pipe (box delete 2011-2012)….BC3Z-9B149-G

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