Stop the seepage

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Stop the seepage

Some 2007-2010 Mazda CX-7 and CX-9 4WD vehicles may experience oil seepage from the rear differential oil seal. While driving in cold weather conditions, water or snow or other road debris may splash over the rear differential and choke the breather, resulting in increased internal pressure and leading to differential seal leaks.

The height of the breather has been increased and a boot has been attached to protect it from splashing water or snow.

Replace the oil seals (both sides).

Remove the breather from the differential and replace it with the taller breather, and install the rubber boot onto the breather, making sure that the vent hole in the boot faces rearward.

PART NO.                      ITEM


B39M-27-763……………Rubber vent boot

M0A7-27-238A………….Oil seal (2)

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