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Owners of some 2004-2011 GMC Canyon trucks (as well as 2004-2011 Chevy Colorado and 2006-2010 Hummer H3) may complain of a squeak/crunch/creak-type noise from the underside of the vehicle while driving. The condition is most noticeable at low speeds on uneven surfaces. The condition is caused by friction between the upper and lower body mount cushions.

A revised body mount cushion assembly is now available to correct the condition. The revised part has am anti-friction coating that will eliminate the noise.

To diagnose the concern, use chassis ears to verify that the noise is caused by the body mount cushions.

NOTE: On Hummer H3 models, it is necessary to disconnect the fuel fill pipe from the fuel tank to prevent damage when lifting the body. Also, on vehicles equipped with a front skid plate, it may be necessary to remove the skid plate for access to the body mounts.

1. Disconnect the front parking brake cable from the parking brake equalizer. When you remove the body cushions, do NOT separate the frame from the body more than necessary (no more than 1.57 inches) Do not allow the intermediate steering shaft to extend more than 1 inch. Do not stretch the fuel tank filler hose. Leave slack in the tail/turn signal lamp wiring junction block wires. Leave slack in the parking brake cable and leave slack in the body ground straps.

2. Replace all of the upper cushion assemblies.

3. Reconnect the front parking brake cable to the parking brake equalizer.

PART                                                          NEW P/N

Cushion, body bolt upper location #2………….20951813

Cushion, body bolt upper location #1………….20951814

Cushion, body bolt upper front………………...22761935

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