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Tailgate trouble

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Tailgate trouble

The lower tailgate handle on a 2007 Honda Ridgeline may feel spongy, making it difficult to open the tailgate in the swing mode. The tailgate match and synchronizer might not be properly adjusted, or the hinge rods might be out of specification.

The corrective action involves replacing the right tailgate hinge, and if necessary, the synchronizer as well.

1. Replace the right hinge assembly. Refer to page 20-147 of the 2006-2008 Ridgeline service manual, or online, enter keywords TAILGATE HINGE and select RIGHT TAILGATE LOWER HINGE-LATCH REPLACEMENT.

2. If, after adjusting the tailgate, the problem persists, replace the synchronizer assembly.

Right tailgate hinge……68732-SJC-A00, H/C 8000069

Tailgate trim clip (12 required)….91513-SJC-A01, H/C 7943103

Synchronizer………….74870-SJC-A02, H/C 7992654

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