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Reprogram for pull

Some 2010 Ford Flex vehicles built on or before 6-11-2010 and equipped with the 3.5L gasoline turbo direct injection (GTDI) engine may exhibit an intermittent steering pull or drift, left or right. The customer may assume that a wheel alignment is needed.

Reprogram the power steering control module (PSCM) to the latest calibration using IDS release 75.04 and higher. Calibration files may be obtained at www.motorcraft.com.

When reprogramming the PSCM, the IDS may automatically reprogram the ABS module. As a result, during the PSCM programming procedure, you may see screens indicating that the ABS is being programmed in addition to the PSCM.

If the vehicle has a constant pull and/or drift left or right, do not perform the reprogramming. Refer to workshop manual section 204-00 for normal diagnostics.

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