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It just needs some grease

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It just needs some grease

This bulletin applies to 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler models. Some customers may notice a knocking sound coming from the B pillar area (on two-door models) or the B and C pillar areas (four-door models) while driving over bumps or rough terrain. The sound may resemble someone tapping on the B or C pillar. The sound may be due to the interaction between the latch catch plate and striker.

1. With the door open, use your finger and rotate the door catch plate to the secondary position (one detent) to expose the area that receives the striker.

2. Using a small brush (flux brush) apply an even coating of Krytox Grease P/N 05019060AA to the circular area of the catch plate striker contact surfaces (area that holds the striker).

3. Evenly coat the entire area of the catch plate striker contact surfaces.Using the door handle, open the door latch.

4. Close and open the door three or four times to distribute the grease.

5. Examine the door striker and underside of each latch catch to ensure complete lubricant coverage.

6, Wipe any excess grease from the striker.

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