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Honda DTC P0341

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Honda DTC P0341

If you find DTC P0341 on a 2003-2007 Honda Accord L4, 2002-2010 Civic Si, 2002-2010 CR-V or 2003-2010 Element, check the cam timing chain. A damaged or stretched chain, resulting from infrequent oil changes, can cause the MIL on with DTC P0314 (CMP sensor A and CKP sensor incorrect phase detected).

Old oil causes the chain to wear quickly, stretching it to the point where the auto-tensioner can no longer do its job. The extra slack in the chain causes the VTC actuator and the exhaust camshaft sprocket to lag behind.

Check for a damaged or stretched cam chain by measuring the cam chain auto-tensioner rod length. If it’s more than 13.5 mm, the chain is bad and must be replaced, along with the chain auto-tensioner.

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