Tracer Articles Has Entry-level Leak Detection Kit

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Tracer Articles Has Entry-level Leak Detection Kit

Tracer Articles says its entry-level Tracerline TP-8621 LeakFinder kit contains everything needed to find all leak sites in air conditioning and fluid systems.

The company says the heart of the LeakFinder kit is the Opti-Lite 6-LED blue light leak detection flashlight. The cordless, economic, compact unit gets into tight areas otherwise unreachable by larger, more cumbersome lamps. It features power comparable to 50W lamps, and has an inspection range up to two feet (0.6 m) or more. The LED lifetime is rated at 100,000 hours.

In addition to the flashlight, the kit includes:

* syringe A/C dye injector with hose/ coupler and R-12 adapter/purge fitting;

* 1-oz. bottle of Fluoro-Lite universal A/C dye for all refrigerant systems;

* 1 oz bottle of Dye-Lite All-In-One dye for all oil-based fluids;

* 1 oz bottle of Dye-Lite coolant dye;

* 8 oz spray bottle of Glo-Away dye cleaner;

* fluorescence-enhancing glasses; and

* underhood labels.

All components come packaged in a rugged plastic carrying case.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-641-1133; outside the U.S. and Canada, call 516-333-1254.

Headquartered in Westbury, N.Y., Tracer Articles is a division of Spectronics Corp.

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