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Honda whistle

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Honda whistle

This bulletin applies to 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey and 2003-2008 Pilot vehicles. If a whistle noise appears to be coming from the glove box with the fan running, the narrow foam seal that is located around the entire underside of the dust and pollen cabin filter lid may be the culprit.

Over time, the seal can deteriorate or compress to the point where it leaves a gap between the evaporator housing and the lid. With the fan running, airflow through the gap causes a whistle.

1. Remove the glove box and glove box frame.

2. Remove the filter lid from the evaporator housing.

3. Check the barrow foam seal on the underside of the filter lid. If the seal looks compressed or deteriorated, go to Step 4. If not, continue with troubleshooting.

4. Peel of and discard the narrow foam seal.

5. Cut strips of EPT sealer to the same length and width as the original seal, then carefully apply them to the underside of the filter lid in the original position.

6. Reinstall the lid, glove box frame and glovebox.

7. Run the fan to verify the fix.

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