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Hesitating Mazda

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Hesitating Mazda

Some 2004-2010 Mazda RX-8 vehicles may exhibit a hesitation and idle vibration due to a cracked engine mount.

This applies to 2004-2010 RX-8 vehicles equipped with manual transmission with VINs lower than JM1FE*****404840 produced before April 13, 2010; and 2004-2010 RX08 vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, with VINs lower than JM1FE*****404240, produced before Dec. 2, 2009.

On manual transmission vehicles, when decelerating in 3rd gear with engine speed less than 3,000 rpm at approximately 30 mph, then quickly depressing the accelerator pedal again, a hesitation may occur. On automatic transmission vehicles, when at a stop in D range, excessive engine/body vibration may occur. This vibration does not occur in P or N range.

Depending on the driving condition or engine condition, the RH side engine mount rubber may deform. As a result, the RH side engine mount can crack. As a mass production change, the material of the engine mount rubber has been changed.

1. Verify the customer concern.

2. Place vehicle on a hoist.

3. Remove the engine cover.

4. Remove the front wheels.

5, Support the engine using an engine hoist.

6. On RH side of engine, remove nuts/bolts in the following order:

    a. Engine mount bracket-to-engine mount (1).

    b. Engine mount-to-front sub frame (2).

7. On the LH side of the engine, remove:

    a. Engine mount bracket-t-engine (1).

    b. Engine mount-to-front subframe (2).

Install the new mount in reverse order.

Torque specifications:

LH mount-to-front subframe………….33-46 ft.-lbs.

LH mount bracket-to-engine………….28-38 ft.-lbs.

RH mount-to-front subframe………….33-46 ft.-lbs.

RH mount bracket-to-engine………….28-38 ft.-lbs.

Wheel fasteners……………………….108 ft.-lbs.

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