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Updated cam phasers

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Updated cam phasers

Some 2007-2009 Lincoln MKZ, 2009 MKS and 2007-2009 MKX vehicles equipped with a 3.5L or 3.7L engine and vehicle build date on or before 12-15-2008 may exhibit a MIL on and one or more DTC stored (P0011, P0012, P0016, P0018, P0021, P0022). The engine may also exhibit a rough idle or misses.

Using IDS, verify that DTCs are present.

2. Verify the vehicle build date.

  • If built after 12-15-2008, this procedure does not apply. Refer to the powertrain controls/emissions diagnosis manual for further diagnosis.
  • If built on or before 12-15-2008 and has any variable camshaft timing DTCs (as noted above), proceed to Step 3.

3. Remove the cam covers.

4. Inspect the part number on the front of the camshaft phaser. You may need to rotate the crankshaft to move the phasers in position. The left cam phaser part number should be 7T4E-6C524-EC, and the right cam phaser part number should be 8T4E-6C524-AC. If either orboth don’t match the updated part numbers, replace the camshaft phasers.

CAM PHASERS                                    PART NUMBERS

Kit – camshaft phaser for both banks……7T4Z-6A257-C

Kit – camshaft phaser left hand bank……7T4Z-6A257-B

Kit – camshaft phaser right hand bank…..8T4Z-6A257-B

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