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Fishing with Caddy

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Fishing with Caddy

Owners of 2009-2013 Cadillac Escalade vehicles equipped with a 6.0L or 6.2L engine may complain of a random bump, chuggle or “fishbite” sensation when crowding the throttle slightly with the TCC on while cruising at 35 to 60 mph. Generally, this is most apparent at 1,100 to 1,400 rpm but the rpm may vary slightly depending on axle ratio, operating conditions and road grade.

In many cases, this may occur when lugging the engine up an incline with the TCC locked up. This may be more pronounced at hotter ambient temperatures.

The Tech 2 may show a few random misfires at this time but no DTCs will be stored. This will occur with the Active Fuel Management active or inactive. This concern is normally more apparent if the TCC is commanded to full lock up with a Tech 2, while the concern is normally improved greatly or eliminated if the TCC is commanded off. Temporarily disconnecting the CMP actuator connector will normally improve the concern or change the rpm range where the concern occurs as well.

If related SI diagnosis and bulletins do not isolate the cause of this concern, compare this with an identically equipped vehicle. According to GM, if another vehicle exhibits the same concern, this should be considered a characteristic of the vehicle and no repairs should be performed.

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