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Multiple Mysteries

Some 2013 Lincoln MKS vehicles equipped with a 3.7L engine built on or before Dec. 21, 2012, may exhibit hazard lights staying on or will not turn on, brake warning indicator illuminated, door illumination inoperative, multiple door ajar lights on with doors closed, door locks inoperative from the door switch, manual liftgate opening un-commanded with the vehicle in Park, delayed accessory not turning off when the vehicle is exited, door keyless entry illumination on or won’t turn off, and power liftgate/trunk trim switch inoperative.


Replace the BCM (body control module).

1. Remove the air cleaner box.

2. Disconnect C127 from the hood ajar switch.

3. Remove the convolute wire covering to expose BK/GY wire GS123.

4. Cut and splice BK 16 AWG wire (32-inch long) supplied in the service kit.

5. Disconnect G101.

6. Install eyelet from overlay onto ground and install bolt. Torque to 9 ft.-lbs.

7. Route overlay wire onto existing wire bundle and tape securely.

8. Attach C127 to hood ajar switch

9. Install the air cleaner box.

 P/N .................................. PART

DB5Z-14S411-A............ ... wire eyelet

DG1Z-15604-A.................. BCM

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