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SKYACTIV Trans Fluid Warning

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SKYACTIV Trans Fluid Warning

This bulletin applies to 2014 Hyundai Sante Fe vehicles equipped with the 3.3L engine. The new SKYACTIV-DRIVE FW6A-EL   automatic transmission uses ATF type FZ. Only use ATF-FZ to fill or top off the fluid level.

ATF-FZ is specially designed for use in the SKYACTIVE-DRIVE series automatic transmission. It is a low viscosity formula with less friction for better fuel economy. This transmission and fluid is a “filled for life” design and no change intervals are required.

There are no cooler lines. The cooler is mounted directly to the case. Also note that the use of ATF-FZ fluid in non-SKYACTIVE-DRIVE transmissions may result in serious internal damage that will not be covered under warranty.

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