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Stubborn BMW Faults

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Stubborn BMW Faults

This bulletin applies to BMW models where ISTA/D fault code S0001 entries are still present after a quick delete.

When a vehicle test is performed and control modules are not responding (modules shown in yellow in the control module tree), a fault code starting with an “S” and followed by a 4-digit number, such as “S0001 No communication possible” is displayed. After finishing diagnosis and deleting the fault memory, these control module faults are not deleted and are still displayed in the fault memory list.

These service fault codes are known as virtual fault code entries for each control module that does not respond. However, when “Quick delete” is performed and the service fault code entries are only momentarily deleted but return right away, this is an ISTA error.

ISTA will calculate the test plan to check the power supply of each control module that did not respond during the test.

1. Complete the test plan(s) until the problem is identified and corrected.

2. Delete the fault memory by selecting “Start quick delete” from the “Fault memory” screen.

3. If the “S0001 No communication possible” faults are still displayed, switch to the “Vehicle test” screen.

4. Highlight the control module that is not responding (yellow).

5. Select “Call up ECU functions.”

6. Select “ECU test.”

7. Since “ECU status” changes to “ECU responding,” the service fault code entry for that control module is deleted from the fault memory list and the control module status in the “Vehicle test” screen turns to green.

8. Continue this procedure for each control module that did not respond during the initial test. This error will be corrected in ISTA/D 2.19.0.

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