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Crown Vic Body Mounts

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Crown Vic  Body Mounts

Some 2010-2011 Ford Crown Victoria vehicles may exhibit a clunk or grind noise from the right front floor pan area during heavy braking or when driving on rough roads. The concern may be due to the vehicle body contacting the frame.

It may be necessary to shim some bolt locations. NOTE: If the vehicle is equipped with a fire suppression system, the backup power supply must be depleted before lifting the vehicle on your hoist. See the workshop manual section 419-03 for details.

1. Using chassis ear JSP97202 or equivalent, attach leads to the right side B body mount area.

2. Drive the vehicle and check for noise during braking and over bumps. If noise is heard, proceed to Step 3. If no noise is heard, refer to workshop manual section 100-04 for normal diagnostics.

3. Remove three pin type retainers and remove the radiator sight shield.

4. Using hand tools, loosen 14 body mount bolts and the 2 front body mount nuts. Only use air tools to complete the removal as required.

5. Raise the body away from the frame by about 1 inch.

6. Install one flat washer only between the body and the mount at each of the 4 B body mount locations (2 mounts on each side). Flat washers are available as P/N W710737-S437.

7. Lower the body back onto the frame.

8. Install 14 body mount bolts and the front body munt nuts using only hand tools. The use of power tools can damage the body bolt nuts.

9. Torque the front body support mount nuts (location A) to 41 ft.-lbs.

10. Torque all remaining body support mount bolts to 35 ft.-lbs.

11. Install 3 pin type retainers and reinstall the radiator sight shield.

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