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Intermittent ABS Code

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Intermittent ABS Code

Some 2010 Lincoln MKX vehicles may exhibit an intermittent C1963 DTC with no other DTCs present in the anti-lock brakes (ABS), powertrain control module (PCM) or steering angle sensor module (SASM). The customer may observe an intermittent stability control system/traction control light illumination.

If other DTCs are present with the C1963 in the ABS, PCM or SASM, refer to the workshop manual for normal diagnosis.

Using IDS, monitor the steering wheel angle position PID (SWA POS) from the SASM. Ensure the PID readings follow as the steering wheel is slowly rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. The POID will change in 1 degree increments when the steering wheel is rotated very slowly. If the PID does not follow the steering wheel movements, do not continue with this bulletin. Refer to the workshop manual section 206-09 for normal diagnosis.

Inspect the stability control sensor cluster to ensure that it is properly fastened to the vehicle and that all electrical connections are fully seated.

Update the ABS module software by reprogramming using IDS release 69.04.

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