Can’t Open This

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Can’t Open This

This bulletin applies to 2005-2012 Honda Odyssey models. Have a power sliding door that won’t work while the VSA indicator is on? Before troubleshooting that sliding door, you must first troubleshoot to fix the VSA problem. The door might not be the culprit.

When you turn the ignition switch on and press and release the bottom of the power sliding door switch with the main switch on, the power sliding door control unit requests wheel speed information from the VSA control unit and speed information from the PCM.

That information gets transmitted through F-CAN between the VSA control unit and the gauge control module. The gauge control module then translates that information to B-CAN and sends it to the power sliding door control unit. If the vehicle speed information isn’t available, the control unit blocks the open command and keeps the door from opening.

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