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SRS Light Stays On

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SRS Light Stays On

This bulletin applies to 2011 Honda Insight vehicles. If you find an SRS indicator light on and the HDS isn’t talking with the SRS, check for DTCs in the gauge control module.

To control the SRS indicator, most 2006 and later modules use F-CAN communications to send messages between the SRS unit and the gauge control module. The default state of that indicator is on.

Normally, if everything is OK, the serial data message from the SRS unit tells the indicator to turn off after the 6-second bulb and self-diagnostic check finishes. If that message isn’t received, such as when there is an internal SRS unit problem, the indicator stays on.

To find and fix the problem, go to ISIS and follow the symptom troubleshooting procedure “SRS indicator stays on, but no DTCs are stored or cannot be read.”

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