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Funky Idle

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Funky Idle

This bulletin applies to 2012 Acura RDX models. If the throttle body was recently cleaned or replaced, DTC P2279 (intake air system leak) or P0507 (idle control system rpm higher than expected) and a fluctuating idle exists, it’s likely that the throttle plate is now in a different position from the one that the PCM/ECM had previously learned. To fix the problem, the ECM/PCM must be relearned to the new throttle plate position.

Go to Inspection Menu in the HDS and select ETCS test. Select TP Position Check, and clear the throttle position learned value. Turn the ignition OFF, and then turn it back ON. Reset the ECM/PCM. Perform the idle learn procedure.

Re-check for DTCs. If either re-appears, repeat the relearn procedure.

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