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Low Oil Pressure at Idle

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Low Oil Pressure at Idle

Anyone who works on later model Chevy vehicles is already aware of the engine oil filter replacement procedure that involves changing the filter element instead of a self-contained filter housing unit. Some customers may comment on the low oil pressure light coming on or flashing on and off at idle. This may be caused by oil pressure being bled off due to debris in the oil drain check valve and/or a distorted/smashed filter element.

During an oil filter change, it is possible for the tabs on the filter to break off and fall into the oil filter housing. The piece can become lodged under the filter housing drain check valve, causing it to remain open when the new filter element is installed. This will allow oil to drain back into the oil pan, reducing oil pressure to the engine.

In addition, careless installation of the filter element may result in twisting and collapsing the filter element.

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