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BMW Misfire

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BMW Misfire

According to Motologic’s listing that applies to 2013 BMW 535i xDrive vehicles, some low mileage vehicles may run rough, exhibit misfires and require long cranks during a cold start. If the engine fails to start, the spark plugs may be flooded.

The Service Engine Soon light may illuminate, with fault codes 2EED0, 2EE1, 2EE2, 2EE3, 2EE4, 2EE6, 2EE7, 2EEC, 2EF1, 140001, 140602, etc., stored in the DME module.

1. Reproduce the cold start condition. Perform a test drive to completely warm up the engine and clean fuel-loaded catalysts. If the misfire is reproduced again, drain the fuel tank and lines and replace with a good quality fuel. Reproduce the cold start again. If the engine still misfires, inspect the spark plugs for fuel deposits and reinstall or replace as needed. If excessive fuel is found on the plugs and inside the combustion chambers, the engine oil and filter must be changed. Check for low fuel pressure during a start-up.

2. Note: E9x, E7x and E8x vehicles do not have a low pressure sensor (the ISTA/D diagnostic request will always show a default value of 6 bars). Use a manual pressure gauge to read the low pressure value. Operating pressure needs to be between 5 – 7.7 bar).

3. Check the residual low pressure drop (inspect for a leaking injector if the pressure drop is instantaneous). Replace leaking injectors as needed. Do NOT replace the HDP high pressure fuel pump if there are no related faults stored in the DME.

Fault codes 11AC02 (high pressure plausibility, cold start, pressure too low) or 2BEE would indicate excessive rail pressure deviation during catalysts heating phase.

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