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A Baffling Concern

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A Baffling Concern

This bulletin applies to 2009-2013 Chevy Traverse vehicles. The fuel gauge may not go to the empty mark and the engine runs out of fuel. You may also hear a fuel slosh or noise from the fuel tank area when braking or accelerating from a stop.

There is a baffle in the fuel tank that may have come loose and is now laying in the bottom of the tank. This may prevent the fuel level sensor from travelling to the bottom of the tank. This baffle may become dislodged after the vehicle has been in an accident.

If diagnostics indicates replacing the fuel level sensor, inspect the fuel tank for a baffle that may have come loose before replacing any parts. The baffle may have become lodged at either end of the tank, so it may be necessary to tip the tank in both directions to locate the loose baffle.

If the baffle is found in the bottom of the tank, it will be necessary to replace the fuel tank.

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