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History Mistake

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History Mistake

This bulletin applies to 2010-2013 Chevy Equinox. A technician may note history DTCs stored immediately after vehicle service if the ECM wakes up (activates) while a 5-volt reference sensor is unplugged and the ignition is off. This may occur on any 2010-2013 vehicle that requires the GDS2 scan tool to establish vehicle communication.

Here is an example of how this concern could cause a history DTC P0113 during underhood service: If a technician were to leave the IAT/MAF sensor disconnected and open the driver’s door with the battery connected, ignition off and ECM “asleep,” the BCM could wake up the ECM, causing the ECM to sense the open IAT sensor and set a DTC P0113 in history. This is just one example that may occur when other 5-volt reference sensors are disconnected and the ECM wakes up.

If this concern occurs during unrelated vehicle repairs, do not replace any parts. Simply clear the DTCs and verify that they don’t reset.

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