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Bimmer Low Beam Bug

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Bimmer Low Beam Bug

This bulletin applies to 2013 BMW 750i xDrive models, where the LED low beam flashes briefly after the ignition is switched on.

The following faults may be stored: OxDA1411 (signal..status of exterior light operation, Ox1AE...invalid, transmitter FRM/FEM/BDC) or OxD9D411 (signal....status of exterior light operation, Ox1AE...invalid, transmitter FRM/FEM/BDC).

The cause is a faulty LED main light module (LHM2). Replace both LED light modules.

1. Perform a vehicle test using ISTA/D.

2. If both faults mentioned above are stored and currently present in LHM2, proceed to the next step. If both faults are not currently present, follow the test plan recommendations.

3. Replace both LED main light modules.

4. In order to replace the LHM2 modules, the following must be performed:

  • Remove the front bumper panel
  • Remove the headlight assembly
  • Remove the LHM2
  • Program/encode with ISTA/P and select LHM2_R and LHM2_L.

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