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Customer has Bad Habit

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Customer has Bad Habit

This bulletin applies to 2008 and later Subaru Impreza, WRX and STI; and 2009 and later Forester manual transmission-equipped models equipped with Hill Start Assist. The Hill Start Assist (HAS) warning light may be on, accompanied by DTC C0076.

When the HAS warning lamp illuminates, the HAS is inoperative. DTC C0076 may be stored in memory along with detail codes 2610H and/or 2620H. All of these codes refer to the operation of the clutch switches.

There are two switches operated by the clutch pedal assembly. One sends an on-off signal to the cruise control system (if equipped) and the other sends an on-off signal for the starter inhibit (clutch start switch). For detail code 2601H, check the clutch pedal switch signal using the SSMIII following the procedure in the applicable service manual. For detail code 2620H, check the clutch pedal switch clearance (per the service manual).

Once it has been determined that the clearance adjustments are both within specification and switch signal functions are operating normally, the most likely cause for the intermittent HAS warning lamp illumination is the vehicle operator resting their left foot on the clutch pedal with enough pressure to activate the switches.

Talk to the customer about their driving habits. If necessary, perform a test drive with the customer driving the vehicle, and observe if the driver’s left foot is resting on the clutch pedal during cruising (not while starting out, shifting or coming to a stop). Explain to the customer to avoid this bad habit.



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