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BMW Electrical Glitches

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BMW Electrical Glitches

This bulletin applies to 2014 BMW 528i xDrive models. The wipers, lights and front power windows may be inoperative. The situation may start as a sporadic failure and lead to a permanent fault. One or more of the following faults may be stored:

FRM - 800E8D FRM (terminal 30A, power window regulator failed)

FRM- 300DD (power window, driver’s door, relay opening, no voltage)

FRM – 30018 (power window, driver’s door, deactivation of drive due to overvoltage)

FRM – 3001E (power window, driver’s door, no input voltage at relay)

FRM – 800E8B FRM (terminal 30A connection for lights faulty)

The cause may be a loose connector Z1*3B at the (Z1) front power distribution box in the passenger compartment (the 7-pin connector may not be fully seated into the power distribution box).

1. Perform vehicle diagnosis using ISTA (Integrated Service Technical Application). If the faults listed above are stored in the FRM (Footwell Module), proceed to the next step.

2. Follow and complete test plan AT6300_FRM3VS – supply, footwell module (FRM). The test plan is automatically linked to the stored faults. The test plan will prompt you to check the power supply to the FRM, which is supplied from the power distribution box via connector Z1*3B.

3. If the voltage measured on the FRM power supply circuits is incorrect based on the test plan nominal values, check the back of the front power distribution box 7-pin connector Z1*3B to make sure it is properly seated in place, by pushing it in until it locks.

4. Clear the faults and re-test the system.

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