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Honda Shift Position Tip

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Honda Shift Position Tip

This bulletin applies to all Honda models equipped with one-push start. When you shift into Park and shut off the engine, does the power mode stay in ON or Accessory? The culprit could be a mis-adjusted shift cable.

This can place pressure on the shift lever, keeping the park pin switch from opening. The power control unit needs the park pin switch position input to switch the power mode to Vehicle Off (lock).

To find and fix this problem, connect the HDS and go to the One-Push Start/PCU Data List. Scroll down to AT Shift Position P and AT Shift Position P-Pin.

Shift into Park while keeping your foot on the brake pedal. Then, without pressing the release button, pull back on the shift lever (toward Reverse).

The AT Shift Position P signal should read ON and the AT Shift Position P-Pin signal should read OFF. If you don’t get these results, refer to the electronic service manual and adjust the shift cable.

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