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Midtronics Has a New Battery and Electrical System Analyzer

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Midtronics Has a New Battery and Electrical System Analyzer

The new CPX-900 Battery & Electrical Analyzer from Midtronics Inc. is the company’s first handheld one-piece diagnostic tool featuring proprietary Conductance Profiling technology.

Conductance Profiling is Midtronics’ patented technology that extends traditional conductance measurement to evaluate a battery’s reserve capacity. Reserve capacity is an important measure of a battery’s ability to sustain the electrical loads required by a vehicle over time.

As electronics such as vehicle start/stop systems, rear-view cameras and infotainment have become more commonplace, automotive batteries are required to support far more than just cranking and starting the vehicle.

“Legacy conductance and load testers only look at the battery’s ability to start a vehicle. Conductance Profiling combines our conductance diagnostic technology with enhanced algorithms and a small load to also evaluate the battery’s ability to support the electrical demands of modern vehicles,” says Jeff Jones, CPX-900 platform Article manager.

“CPX-900 analyzes more battery data points, delivering greater diagnostic decisiveness and identifying bad batteries sooner – before customers encounter a no-start situation -- resulting in a better customer experience and increased service satisfaction,” says Jones.

The CPX-900 is built with integrated Wi-Fi, enabling easy sharing of battery test results with customers via e-mail. And, with a subscription to the cloud-based Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS), Wi-Fi connectivity supports cloud-based storage of battery testing data and analytical reporting, in addition to automated over-the-air tool software updates.

CPX-900 is also designed for increased serviceability -- clamp cables and the optional built-in printer module are both field-replaceable, resulting in less tool maintenance downtime.

The CPX-900 supports testing of 12V EFB, AGM, and flooded lead acid battery chemistries.

  • CPX-900 also features:
  • 3.5-inch color display;
  • integrated IR temperature sensor captures battery temperature for more accurate testing; and
  • built-in Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz, 802.11 b/g/n).

A 1D/2D barcode scanner for capturing vehicle VIN (vehicle identification number) is optional. The barcode scanner establishes vehicle battery diagnostic records, enabling traceability of battery tests to specific vehicles. The scanner also provides database-driven testing, automatically setting correct battery parameters in the tool to save technician time and promote error-free testing

CPX-900 is now available globally. For more information, contact a local Midtronics distributor or visit

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