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Ken-Tool Unveils Balancing Beads for Trucks

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Ken-Tool Unveils Balancing Beads for Trucks

New Balancing Beads for Trucks from Ken-Tool Corp. are designed to balance the tire and wheel along with the complete axle end and all the moving components of the wheel assembly.

Ken-Tool says the Article consists of tiny glass beads with a proprietary bead coating which repels moisture and prevents clumping and features a unique memory technology to stabilize the beads inside of the tire.

The beads use the rotating tire’s centrifugal force to distribute beads to the critical point opposite the imbalance – regardless of the source of the problem. The beads respond to changes in speed and direction to maintain rotating balance, which results in a smoother ride, extended tire life and improved fuel mileage (+ 2-3%) due to less vibration and rolling resistance. 

The company says Ken-Tool Balancing Beads for Trucks have a positive effect on every fleet’s top three key operating costs -- fuel cost, tire life, with reduced vibration-related maintenance.  Additionally, driver fatigue is reduced.

The balancing beads are ideal for a very wide range of applications – Class 5 through Class 8 commercial vehicles, to motorcycles to street cars (including high performance) to light trucks (including 4-wheel drives with lifted suspensions). 

Ken-Tool’s bead injection tool provides a quick, easy solution of bead installation by simply injecting the beads through the valve stem without having to dismount the tire and wheel.  For new tire installation, drop-in bags save time and money.

Ken-Tool Balancing Beads for Trucks also reduce inventory of wheel balance weights and cost of balancing equipment, according to the company. 

Ken-Tool Balancing Beads are available in 1 oz. (28 g) to 16 oz. (0.45 kg) drop-in plastic bags (which include a special valve core and cap), with the number of bags used per tire determined by tire size.  They can be sold in individual bags, or in case lots.

Ken-Tool Articles are available through tire industry supply distributors worldwide.  For more information about this and other professional tire-changing and shop tools, visit

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