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Mahle Adds an Oil-Free Compressor for Commercial Vehicle Brake Systems

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Mahle Adds an Oil-Free Compressor for Commercial Vehicle Brake Systems

Mahle GmbH has released an oil-free compressor for use in commercial vehicle brake systems.

Mahle says the use of its proprietary nickel silicon carbide plating, Nikasil, in combination with a special teflon piston ring and a sliding lacquer piston coating on the piston skirt, enables oil lubrication to be omitted without any impact on the compressor’s service life.  

The advantages of the oil-free compressor are: clean, oil-free compressed air flow, low maintenance costs, low weight, and low frictional resistance because no oil control ring is necessary.

Mahle offers the piston, piston ring, and cylinder as a complete unit. For the compressor manufacturer, this means minimal systems weight thanks to the use of aluminum pistons and cylinders, optimal temperature control of the perfectly harmonized components, and high durability.

In addition, the new components make it possible to physically separate the compressor from the gear drive of the combustion engine and power it via an electric 48-volt Mahle drive that can be controlled to meet demand. This not only minimizes background noise but also achieves a measurable reduction in CO2, depending on the driving situation.

The company says this ability to separate the compressor from the gear drive is ideal for future use in battery electric vehicles, which cannot draw on an existing engine oil reservoir like vehicles with a combustion engine.

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