Trico Unveils Titan Ultra-Premium Wiper Blade Line

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Trico Unveils Titan Ultra-Premium Wiper Blade Line

Trico Articles Corp. has introduced Titan, a precision-engineered wiper blade line made in the USA that features an exclusive blade treatment engineered to boost wiper life.

The company says the Titan wiper blade line offers unmatched wiper performance enabled by a number of advanced technologies. The new Z7 technology is an infused micro-metric synthetic compound developed exclusively by Trico for extended wear resistance.

The beam blade also features Vortec, a wind tunnel-tested spoiler that converts wind force into positive glass contact.

In addition, Trico Titan is supported by a robust super structure made possible by a laser-precision twin rail design, according to the company.

“We asked drivers what they wanted, what they needed,” says Kevin O’Dowd, vice president and chief marketing officer.

“Motorists demand 100% visibility and control every time, all the time. Weather and the driving environment are unpredictable, and drivers expect a wiper to do its job flawlessly and continuously, regardless of the elements. We engineered Trico Titan to exceed our customers’ expectations and raised the bar in the market.”

The company is adding the ultra-premium Trico Titan line to its current line of premium beam blades: Trico Force, Trico Ultra, Trico Neoform, and Trico Flex.

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