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Mayhew Tools Releases Five-Piece Cut, Chisel and Scrape Set

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Mayhew Tools Releases Five-Piece Cut, Chisel and Scrape Set

Mayhew Steel Articles Inc. has added ProPneumatic Five-Piece Cut, Chisel and Scrape Set, part No. 32023, to its Mayhew Tools brand.

The set includes both a 1-1/8-inch and 2-inch scraper, spot weld breaker, rivet and bolt cutter, and 5/8-inch cold chisel. Designed with sharp edges, the tools are ideal for cutting bolts, breaking welds, scraping off under coating, cutting heads off of bolts or rivets, and/or removing stuck or stubborn gaskets.

Made of shock-resistant alloy steel that is fully hardened and tempered, all of the tools in the new set feature a standard .401 Turn Type Parker Shank, are made in the USA, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Their black oxide finish prevents corrosion promoting long-lasting durability. For convenience and accessibility, the tools are packaged in a self-contained, reusable storage tray that fits most tool boxes.

The Five-Piece Cut Chisel and Scrape Set, Part No. 32023, includes:

  1. Part No. 31960 Spot Weld Breaker
  2. Part No. 31976 1-1/8-inch Scraper
  3. Part No. 31975 Rivet and Bolt Cutter
  4. Part No. 31970 2-inch Scraper
  5. Part No. 31972 5/8-inch Cold Chisel

Mayhew Tools are sold through an extensive network of global distributors, primarily serving the industrial, automotive, and hardware markets. For more information, contact Mayhew Tools at 800.872.0037 or visit

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