Ken-Tool Offers Loose Lug Nut Indicators

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Ken-Tool Offers Loose Lug Nut Indicators

Ken-Tool’s HexChex Multi-Size loose wheel nut indicators for automotive and truck wheels offer wide application coverage in only four SKUs, dramatically cutting inventory costs. The four SKUs cover 31 lug nut sizes from 3/4-inch (19 mm) to 2 inch (50 mm) and fit 6-, 8- and 10-sided lug nuts.

A HexChex quickly installs over a lug nut without tools – fastening securely with a ratcheting closure. Made from a durable, reusable bright yellow polymer, each HexChex has a clocking pointer to alert a driver when a lug nut is beginning to loosen.

The Ken-Tool HexChex indicators will not melt under heavy braking. However, they will melt should a hub overheat, alerting the driver to hub problems. Should a HexChex melt, the material is easily removed without damage to wheels or lug nuts.

Ken-Tool HexChex Multi-Size loose wheel nut indicators are available in convenient 100-count bags. The sizes are: SAE 3/4-inch - 1 inch (metric 19 mm - 23 mm) – P/N 30601; SAE 1 inch - 1-3/16 inch (metric 23 mm - 30 mm) – P/N 30602; SAE 1-3/16 inch - 1-1/2 inch (metric 30 mm - 38 mm) – P/N 30603; and SAE 1-1/2 inch - 2 inch (metric 38 mm - 50 mm) – P/N 30604.          

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