Stertil-Koni Adds Touch Screen Control System to Inground Piston Lift

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Stertil-Koni Adds Touch Screen Control System to Inground Piston Lift

Heavy-duty vehicle lift manufacturer Stertil-Koni USA has incorporated its touch-screen control console into DiamondLift, the company’s high-pressure in-ground telescopic piston lifting system.

The control consol, called ebright Smart Control System, was first deployed on Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column lifts in 2015.  The ebright Smart Control System has been integrated into the company’s battery-operated cable mobile column lifts as well as the ultra-shallow, full-rise, axle-engaging in-ground scissor-lifting system, the EcoLift.

Stertil-Koni says the addition of the ebright Smart Control System in the above ground console makes the ongoing operation and monitoring of DiamondLift even easier. The integration places all critical information directly at the fingertips of the technician on the shop floor.

In making today’s announcement, Stertil-Koni President, Dr. Jean DellAmore noted, “Stertil-Koni has brought the very best in engineering, digital control and continuous operator feedback to heavy duty vehicle maintenance shops across North America with its distinctive, 7-inch, full-color touch-screen control system, according to Dr. Jean DellAmore, president.

“Now, we are extremely pleased to bring the ebright Smart Control System to the DIAMONDLIFT—delivering intuitive ease-of-use in an extremely familiar, operator- friendly format that resembles today’s most popular tablet devices.”

Matthias Lennemann, sales manager for heavy duty iInground lifts says technicians and their managers can now see in real-time how the lifts are being used, observe warning and service alerts and monitor the lift’s motor run timer. “It’s a great way to more efficiently track the equipment, schedule upkeep and use maintenance dollars more effectively.”

From a broader perspective, the ebright Smart Control System is an extension of the concept of human-machine-interface (HMI), providing greater control of the vehicle lift in a very familiar, electronic notepad-style delivery system, according to the company.

This enhancement also comes at a time in which Stertil-Koni has engineered several additional advances into the DiamondLift.

These include an optional continuous recess system that allows the bolster to recess flush to the floor anywhere in the horizontal range of piston travel. Further, the company has introduced a differential adapter, an accessory that “cradles” the differential and is self-centering thanks to spring loaded ball bearings (meaning it centers itself underneath the differential), making the setup and use quick, easy, convenient, and safe.

The DiamondLift, designed to accommodate vehicles with extremely low ground clearances, has a lifting capacity up to 35,000 lbs. per piston, or a total of 105,000 lbs. in the three-piston configuration. It is available in two versions: “cassette” and “frame."

Here's a video showcasing the DiamondLift ebright Smart Control System:

Stertil-Koni, a brand of the Stertil Group, is a global supplier of heavy duty bus lifts and truck lifts. Stertil-Koni USA is headquartered in Stevensville, Md. Stertil-Koni has Articleion facilities in Europe, in The Netherlands, and in the USA in Streator, Ill.

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