Drive Axle Assemblies Among 125 New Parts Released by Cardone

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Drive Axle Assemblies Among 125 New Parts Released by Cardone

Carodone Industries Inc. released more than 125 parts in December 2017. Featured parts include drive axle assemblies, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pumps, constant velocity drive axles, camshaft phasers, suspension conversion kits, and hybrid safety plugs.  

“The new drive axle assemblies we’re rolling out support our already expansive rear drive axle applications, which gives our customers uniquely effective solutions that save time and cut down on cost,” says Joseph Camacho, innovation Article manager at Cardone.

Descriptions of the drive axle assemblies and other new parts follow.

A1 CARDONE Drive Axle Assembly

Cardone says its drive axle assemblies simplify the servicing process for the rear differential/axle by replacing the whole unit to save time and costs. All bearing pre-loads, axle housings and shafts are inspected using precision measuring equipment to ensure drivability. Features include:

  • powder-coating for maximum corrosion protection and on-car performance enhancement;
  • new O.E. ring and pinion gears inspected for correct backlash and wear patterns;
  • O.E. quality bearings, dust shields, seals and gaskets; and
  • pre-filled with oil.

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A1 Cardone Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Pump

Cardone’s DEF fluid systems are designed to support environmental regulations. These DEF pumps come with all necessary installation hardware included. Features include:

  • direct plug-and-play design;
  • quiet operation; and
  • real-world tested for functionality and performance.

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Cardone Select Constant Velocity Drive Axle

The constant velocity drive axle is designed to ensure perfect fit for ideal wear that withstands the stress and cracking that can occur. Each boot clamp is pneumatically crimped and formed to meet or exceed O.E. parts. Features include:

  • 100% neoprene boots designed with additional bellows for stress and ozone cracking resistance;
  • new axle nut supplied with every unit for hassle-free installation;
  • every axle measured after assembly to ensure proper fit;
  • pneumatically crimped boot clamps, creating a perfect seal between the boot and housing
  • O.E. form, fit and function;
  • high-quality grease that withstands high temperature and high torque demands;
  • precision rolled splines and threads to ensure proper fit of axle during installation; and
  • transmission seal diameter that is precision-machined after head treatment for correct surface finish.

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Cardone Select Camshaft Phaser

Cardone says its camshaft phasers restore valve timing systems and improve overall engine efficiency through strict performance and quality standards. Features include:

  • component precision confirmed by leak testing units to enhance reliability;
  • elimination of typical ticking or knocking sounds experienced from failed units;
  • improved engine performance and restored fuel economy lost from poor VVT systems;
  • precision machined with high-quality metals to ensure leak-proof, quiet performance; and
  • rotation angle, locking clearance and unblocking pressure are checked for max performance.

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Cardone Suspension Conversion Kit

Cardone’s air suspension conversion kits are a simple and effective way to remove complex, failure-prone components that electronic air suspension systems are known for. These kits include everything required for a complete conversion. Features include:

  • guaranteed fit and function like the original;
  • fraction of typical market price;
  • all components and hardware needed to complete the job;
  • electronic Bypass Module that disarms original air suspension system and prevents dashboard failure codes; and
  • elimination of future electronic issues related to the compressor.

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A1 Cardone Hybrid Safety Plug

Cardone’s hybrid safety plugs are quality tested with each battery unit for performance as well as to ensure batteries don’t fail without warning. Recharging is also tested to ensure a long-lasting battery life. Features include:

  • each battery unit 100% tested to ensure optimal performance;
  • renewed and tested electronic control unit to ensure the battery doesn’t fail without warning;
  • entire battery pack is balanced to ensure each module is operating consistently;
  • recharged NiMH modules to ensure reliability and lasting life; and
  • relays are 100% tested, which is critical to ensure lasting battery life.

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See the full listing of new Articles in the December NPI release on at the company's website.

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