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Nissan fuel pump

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Nissan fuel pump


This TSB applies to 2004-2007 Nissan Titan and Armada vehicles, built before Feb. 22, 2007, that exhibit low power with wide open throttle.

Check fuel pressure during a transmission “Stall Test.” If the fuel pressure test is not good, replace the fuel pump.

Low fuel pressure may cause DTCs to be detected. If you have DTCs with this incident, first replace the fuel pump and then recheck the DTC diagnosis.


2005-2007 Titan Flex Fuel……………….17040-ZH00A

2007 Armada Flex Fuel…………………..17040-ZH00A

2004-2006 Titan and Armada gas only…..17040-7S20A

2007 Titan and Armada gas only………...17040-ZE00B


2004-2007 Titan and Armada……………17342-7S000


  1. Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the engine (special tool kit J-44321 or equivalent). Follow all instructions under “Fuel Pressure Check” in Section EC of the service manual for connecting the fuel pressure gauge.
  2. Look at the fuel pressure while performing a transmission “Stall Test.”

-          The stall test 10-minute warm-up time is not needed for this operation.

-          Follow all other instructions for performing the stall test under “Inspections Before Trouble Diagnosis” in Section AT of the service manual.

-          Caution: Do not hold down the accelerator pedal for more than five seconds while performing the stall test.

-          Fuel pressure is no good if it drops below 45 psi during the stall test.

-          If the fuel pressure is OK, this bulletin does not apply. Return to ASIST for further diagnosis and repair information.

-          If the fuel pressure is no good, replace the fuel pump. Be sure to use a new fuel pump O-ring seal.

-          Test drive to confirm the repair.

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