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Ford turbo truck shudder

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Ford turbo truck shudder

Some 2011-2012 Ford F-Super Duty F-250, F-350 and F-450 trucks equipped with the 6.7L turbo diesel engine may experience an engine shudder with or without turbo flutter noise, around 900-1,400 rpm with steady throttle.

The issue may be more noticeable at high elevation, high ambient temperature and/or when driving up a slight incline. The concern is not present during regeneration or while driving while using cruise control. Some vehicles may set DTC P0299.

  1. Check all continuous memory diagnostics trouble codes (CMDTCs). If any DTCs are present other than P0299, this bulletin does not apply.
  2. Using the IDS, take a recording of the event. Enter data logger and select the following pids:
    1. MAP _A (psi), MAF _A (g/s), EBP (psi)
    2. RPM, APP1 (%), VGTDC (%)
    3. EGRTP_CMD (%)
  3. Road test the vehicle and duplicate the concern.
  4. Make a recoding of the event.
  5. Review the recording taken and compare it to the figure shown here. If the recording shows MAF_A fluctuation with APP1 steady, replace the turbocharger. Refer to workshop manual section 303-04D. If the recording does not show MAF_A fluctuation, this TSB does not apply. Proceed to normal diagnostics.


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