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Bimmer bugs

Some BMW E60 and E90 vehicles produced from 3-2005 and 6-2005 equipped with the N52 engine may be difficult to start, run rough and the “Service Engine Soon” light is illuminated. Camshaft sensor and VANOS faults may be evident.

Any of the following camshaft sensor or VANOS faults, as well as various misfire faults, may be stored in the MSV70 module:

-          2A9A… sensor, inlet signal – signal invalid for synchronization.

-          2A98…..crankshaft-inlet camshaft correlation – value outside reference range.

-          2A82……VANOS intake – stiff, jammed mechanically.

-          2A9B… sensor, exhaust signal – signal invalid for synchronization.

-          2A99…..crankshaft-exhaust camshaft correlation – value outside reference range.

-          2A87…..VANOS exhaust – stiff, jammed mechanically.

(Cause: The VANOS solenoid valve is hammed or sticking)

Remove the VANOS solenoid, intake or exhaust depending on the fault code stored. Using shop air, gently blow out any visible particles and reinstall.

It is no longer necessary to replace the VANOS solenoid for these faults.

Reprogram using CIP17.01 (Target data status E89x-05-06-510) or higher for the E90 and Target data status E060-05-06-500 or higher for the E60.

The modified MSV70 DME data contains additional VANOS solenoid activation logic to flush out any foreign particles.

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