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A snowball's chance

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A snowball's chance

Some 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L diesel F-Super Duty vehicles may experience a lack of power during acceleration and perhaps the illumination of the check air filter message in the instrument cluster message center. The lack of power condition may occur when the air filter element becomes packed with snow.


  1. Provide a winter grill cover if not already equipped.
  2. Replace the indicator assembly (air filter minder) if it does not have engineering number 8C34-9N622-AB displayed on the part.
  3. Remove the auxiliary snow tube.
  4. Remove the airbox filter cover.
  5. Replace the air filter element only if wet or frozen.
  6. Attach the snow deflector gasket. Ensure that the gasket is secured to the top of the filter and rests on the edge of the airbox. The deflector gasket must be used in conjunction with the winter grill cover to minimize snow ingestion.
  7. Install the airbox cover.
  8. Install the auxiliary snow tube fully to the white indicator mark.
  9. Verify that the plastic breather box on the end of the auxiliary snow tube does not contact the turbocharger heat shields. The auxiliary snow tube push-pin to cowl must be reinstalled to prevent this.

NOTE: The winter grill cover must be removed when temperatures are greater than 50 degrees Fahrenheit when towing, or engine damage can result. The snow deflector gasket can remain installed year-round.

Winter grill cover………………...8C3Z-19A414-A

Indicator assembly/filter minder….8C3Z-9N622-A

Air cleaner element…………...…..7C3Z-9601-B

Snow deflector gasket……………..9C3Z-9C664-A

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