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Mitsu shift flare

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Mitsu shift flare

Some Mitsubishi owners may complain of a shift flare when shifting from second to third gear.

Affected vehicles include:

1997-2002 Mirage

2001-2004 Diamante

1999-2005 Galant

2000-2005 Eclipse

2001-2005 Eclipse Spyder

2002-2005 Lancer

2004 Lancer Sportback

2003-2005 Outlander

2004-2005 Endeavor

  1. Test drive the vehicle to confirm that shift flare occurs at the 2-3 shift.
  2. Check ATF level and color. Correct as needed. Inspect the A/T drain plug for metal debris.
  3. Start the engine and warm the ATF to 140-212 degrees F. With constant throttle opening at TPS reading 1.7 – 1.8V, confirm that the 2-3 upshift occurs between 35 and 40 mph. Continue this driving pattern until the 2-3 shift has occurred five times. If the shift flare is not eliminated after the 2-3 shift has occurred five times, continue with Step 4.
  4. Check for DTCs. If any DTC is set, diagnose the DTC as described in the appropriate service manual. If no DTCs are set, perform the pressure tests for the OD clutch and 2nd brake as described in Group 23 of the appropriate service manual. Record the pressures on the repair order. Then continue with Step 5.
  5. Open the rear cover. In the seal ring area, inspect the drum, seal rings and rear cover for grooves, excessive damage and poor clearance. If any grooves, damage or clearance problems are found, replace the following parts with the new improved parts that are now available from Mitsubishi:

-          Reverse/OD clutch assembly (with drum)

-          Reverse retainer

-          Seal rings

-          Rear cover

-          Input shaft rear bearing

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