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Bad Vibe

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Bad Vibe

In rare instances, a technician diagnosing a 2009-2010 Pontiac Vibe (2.4L engine) may hear a short, sharp rattle noise from the front of the engine in startup or while idling. In some instances DTC P0335 may set immediately following the noise.

This concern may be caused by two distinct issues:

-          If the noise only occurs at startup and is very short and sharp in duration (2-5 seconds), this may be an issue with the intake cam phaser not parking properly.

-          In rare cases, at idle, the engine may set DTC P0335 following the noise with no other drivability concerns. The engine does not stall or exhibit any other conditions normally associated with that DTC.

Both of these issues can be traced to a concern with the intake cam phaser not parking properly. Once the noise is verified as the phaser, it must be replaced.

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