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Beefed-up Subaru dipstick

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Beefed-up Subaru dipstick

A TSB provided by Subaru notes a change made to the oil level gauge and guide. On a rare occasion, there is a possibility that the oil level gauge could be damaged if too much force is applied when installing or removing. As a result, the diameter of the oil level gauge was increased along with the inside diameter of the oil level gauge guide (dipstick tube). This applies to 2011-2012 Forester and 2010 Impreza models.

The new style oil level gauge and guide was incorporated into production on Nov. 12, 2011, starting with the following VINs and engine number:

YEAR         MODEL                 VIN                       ENGINE

2012          Forester               C*421765               0191510

2012         Impreza sedan      C*010046               0191510

2012         Impreza wagon     C*208992                0191510


NAME                                        NEW P/N            OLD P/N               VEHICLE

Gauge assembly – oil level      11139AA070      11139AA021           Forester

Gauge assembly – oil level      11139AA061      11139AA060            Impreza

Guide assembly – oil level       15144AA240      15144AA160            Forester/Impreza

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