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Funky remote start

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Funky remote start

Some 2009 Lincoln MKX (and Ford Edge) vehicles built from 10-1-2008 and 1-1-2009 and equipped with the Powercode Remote Start Accessory factory Invoiced Accessory (FIA) may have an incorrect splice of the remote start harness into the gray parklamp feed circuit (it should have been connected to the violet/white parklamp output circuit). This connection may result in a failed headlight switch.

Vehicle symptoms are as follows:

a. When the vehicle is remote started, the parklamps do not flash when the horn sounds and they do not stay illuminated while the vehicle is in remote start mode.

b. Headlights turn on after a few seconds delay when the ignition is turned to the ON position, even if the headlight switch is in the OFF position

1. Remove the driver side front scuff plate and confirm that a white wire from the remote start module used for parking light output control has been spliced into a gray wire (parklamp feed) lopped under the scuff plate/kick panel near the A-pilar.

a. If the white wire connection is confirmed, proceed to Step 2.

b. If no white wire connection is present, this procedure does not apply.

2. Cut and separate the white wire from the gray wire and use electrical tape to insulate the exposed gray wire, being sure to extend the tape two inches beyond either side of the non-insulated section of wire.

3. Splice the white wire from the remote start module into the violet/white wire coming from the smart junction box (SJB) connector C2280E, Pin 6. A digital volt ohm meter connected to the correct wire will show 12 volts when the headlamp switch is turned to parklamps-on, then show 0 volt when the headlight switch is turned off. A logic probe will show power on the correct wire when the headlight switch is turned to parklamps-on, then show ground when the headlight switch is turned off.

4. Validate that the repair was successful by activating the remote start function. Press and hold the remote start button for 2 seconds. The parklamps should flash with the horns and then stay illuminated for the duration of the remote start.

5. Replace the headlight switch, verify headlight switch operation, and reinstall the trim pieces.

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