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Subaru A/T cooler hose connections

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Subaru A/T cooler hose connections

This TSB applies to all 2012 Subaru Legacy, Outback, Forester and Impreza models with automatic transmission including CVT. This bulletin provides an inspection procedure for the A/T fluid cooler hoses and piping connection points between the radiator and the transmission assembly.

-          If oil seepage or residue is found at any of these connection points, first determine if it is transmission fluid or possibly a different fluid from another source. In some cases, it could be residual seepage left over from a prior repair or original vehicle assembly.

-          If necessary, clean any residue using brake cleaner or parts washing solvent, then dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

-          Start the engine and allow it to idle for five minutes. Next, hold the engine at 1,500 rpm for another five minutes. Re-inspect the connections for any recurrence of ATF seepage. If seepage is found, replace the hose(s) as needed, along with new clamps. Do not re-use hose clamps. When replacing clamps, never substitute a different style of clamp other than the original application. Incorrect specification clamps may not be fully effective at preventing leaks.

-          In the event a hose needs to be replaced, once disconnected, carefully inspect the sealing area of the companion metal pipe for any damage or scoring as shown in the shaded area of the attached illustration.

-          If seepage is not found after the first test and inspection, run the engine again at 3,000 rpm for five minutes and inspect again. If seepage is found, replace the hose(s) and/or piping as necessary along with new clamps.

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