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Electric A/T oil pump seal

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Electric A/T oil pump seal

Hyundai released a procedure to replace the transmission electric oil pump seals on the 2011 Sonata HEV.


Location 1……………45262-2B100

Location 2……………45261-3D000

  1. Squeeze the tab and disconnect the connector above the oil pump.
  2. Use a screwdriver to push the gray tab to the left and remove the connector.
  3. Squeeze the tab and remove the connector for the fluid pressure switch.
  4. Remove two bolts and one nut and remove the electric oil pump.
  5. Install two oil seals at locations 1 and 2. Confirm that one O-ring is installed on the electric pump. This O-ring is available only with a new electric oil pump (P/N 46120-3D000). Install the pump and tighten the two bolts and the nut to 18-22 ft.-lbs.
  6. Reconnect the connectors to the oil pump and the fluid pressure switch.
  7. Check the ATF level.
  8. Move the shift lever to Park and turn the ignition to “EV Ready.” Check for leaks from the oil pump. Attach a GDS and select A/T menu and Current Data. In “EV Ready” mode, confirm the oil pump speed actual rpm is above 400 rpm when the engine is off.
  9. Drive the vehicle and confirm proper operation.

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