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Suzuki radio woes

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Suzuki radio woes

This TSB applies to 2010-2011 Kizashi models equipped with the Panasonic radio tuner. The radio display and/or backlighting may blink on and off intermittently, or fails completely.

The cause is traced to the front lower portion of the tuner frame backing plate being bent during radio removal and will not allow the faceplate connectors to seat properly.

Do not replace the radio tuner assembly. If you encounter a vehicle that is experiencing this condition, inspect the tuner frame. If the frame is bent, restore the bent portion to its original position so that the connectors will seat properly when the faceplate is attached.

  1. During radio tuner removal, while separating the clips that secure the tuner to the dash mounting, there is a risk of bending the sheet metal frame.
  2. Perform a visual inspection of the backing plate portion of the frame. Use a straightedge if there is any doubt.
  3. When the backing plate is bent, it can prevent the connectors of the face plate and the tuner body from seating correctly. Whe testing a unit with a display that it not working, apply light pressure against the display at the two points where the connectors are directly behind, and see if the display begins to operate. This is an easy way to confirm that the frame may be bent prior to removing the tuner assembly.

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