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Bug has a MIL

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Bug has a MIL

This TSB applies to 2007-2008 VW Beetle vehicles equipped with the 2.5L engine. A DTC P3047 may be displayed for a MIL ON condition. This DTC indicates activation starter relay 2 short to B+.

When the ECM identifies a signal difference on the starter circuit outside monitored parameters, (i.e. too slow or too fast), the MIL will illuminate and DTC P3047 Activation

Starter Relay 2 Short to B+ will be stored in Engine Control Module (ECM) -J220- fault memory. The monitored signal for the starter is supplied to the ECM at the T121/30.

Currently there is no Guided Fault Finding test plan for DTC P3047. Test procedure should be performed with Digital Oscilloscope (DSO) after relay -J434-, which is

located in the 13 position of the auxiliary relay panel, above the relay panel (reference stamping 465). Use the DSO to verify the correct delay time (210ms-300ms).

P3047 fault occurs at less than 180ms or greater than 1000 ms.

TIP: DTC P3047 “Activation Starter Relay 2 Short to B+  CAN be displayed on VAS 5051/5052 scan tool or other enhanced scan tools.

NOTE: DO NOT replace the Engine Control Module (ECM) -J220- for this concern.

Once the concern has been identified, repair as necessary, see ElsaWeb.

Loose or poor connections may illuminate the MIL. Inspect the ECM –J220- at the T121/30 pin location.

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