Rotary Lift adds patented Trio Arms to its two-post lift

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Rotary Lift adds patented Trio Arms to its two-post lift

Rotary Lift has made its patented Trio Arms standard on its SPOA10 two-post lift.

The company says Trio Arms feature a proprietary three-stage design in a two-piece package that lets technicians choose from a wide range of easily adjusted adaptors for any application.

Introduced in 2011 on the Rotary Lift SmartLift inground lift, Trio Arms provide all the capabilities of regular three-stage arms in a more versatile package, according to the company.

On Trio Arms, the third telescoping arm segment is replaced with an integrated lightweight sliding adapter assembly. This design enables technicians to easily interchange truck adapters, round polymer adapters or three-position flip-up adapters depending on the job at hand. The adapters can be rotated 360 degrees and easily slide along the lift arm, enabling technicians to make precise adjustments to the adapter location when setting up the lift. 

“In order to properly engage a vehicle’s pickup points, technicians using regular three-stage arms have to move the heavy innermost stage into place while reaching under the vehicle on their hands and knees,” says Bob Ford, new Article development manager for Rotary Lift.

“With Trio Arms, the technician can simply slide the lightweight adapter itself to the desired position. There’s less telescoping needed, which saves time, reduces technician stress and can help get the vehicle in the air more quickly.”

While most two-post lifts are sold in a variety of configurations determined by application, the SPOA10TRIO’s ability to easily switch between flip-up adapters for body-on-frame vehicles, round polymer adapters for unibody vehicles, and thread-up truck adapters makes it a more universal lift, according to the company.

“With Trio Arms, all adapters are interchangeable, so the ordering process is simpler,” says Ford. “For maximum versatility, customers can order the SPOA10TRIO lift with all three sets of adapters, allowing technicians to easily service a wide range of vehicles using a single lift.”

With 10,000 pounds of lifting capacity, the SPOA10TRIO two-post lift is ideal for servicing most cars, light trucks, SUVs and vans, according to Rotary Lift.

The SPOA10TRIO two-post lift is available with Rotary Lift’s Shockwave technology. The company says Shockwave-equipped lifts feature rise and descent times that are twice as fast as other lifts.

Trio Arms were engineered at Rotary Lift’s world headquarters in Madison, Ind., and performance tested to 20,000 lift cycles, which is the equivalent of 10 years of real-world use. The SPOA10TRIO two-post lift has been third-party tested and Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) certified to meet ANSI lift safety and performance standards.

For more information and to see videos of the lift, visit

 Rotary Lift is a brand of Vehicle Service Group, which is part of the Dover Corp. 

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